OnePlus 3T Beast of a phone

OnePlus 3T Mods – Resources

The first place you need to go when you have a OnePlus 3T? Go to XDA. Our friends there have so many different tips and tricks, it will hurt your brain. So please do go visit XDA developers forum for OnePlus 3T.

And probably this: (how to go back to full stock)

  1. Download stock ROM from OnePlus official website
  2. Transfer it to your phone storage
  3.   Go to TWRP recovery, wipe everything except internal storage, then flash stock ROM
  4. Reboot phone, wait at least 3min
  5. Transfer the same stock ROM to your phone
  6. Go into settings>system update>little wheel on upper right hand corner>local update>select the ROM
  7. Wait for it, then reboot. After it’s fully booted, do a factory reset
  8. Relock bootloader
  9. (Optional) factory reset again

Franco kernel is the kernel to get. I’m using stock OxygenOS. Flash franco.kernel over it, have 2-3 battery cycles and you’ll realise how good it is. Don’t forget to buy the app and to donate to Franco. It is brilliant work.

TWRP Recovery for OpenPlus 3T – always a great recovery to flash. Official link can be found here.

Here’s the link to do a systemless root.

Recommend to use Magisk
And once you flash Magisk. Install Magisk app from Google Play. Finally get some of the mods here.

Need to know the difference between Magisk and SuperSU? This thread helps.

If you get into problems with DM-Verity once you’ve upgraded to OOS 4.0.3, you might want to take a look here to find out how to sort that issue.

Have fun!

OnePlus-3T-Back Covers

Things to Do When You You Do Have an OpenPlus 3T

If you can’t wait for the latest official OS updates, download Opera VPN.

  • Change your country to Canada.
  • Go to system updates, and refresh.
  • The latest version should show.
  • Turn off the VPN and start downloading. (this allows you to download at full speed unhindered by VPN)
  • Run the updates and you’re done!

Accessories are hard to get if you are not living in the countries that OnePlus can be found. Buy from Lazada (SG), or just use a 3rd party delivery service to have it sent to you. For example, I don’t want the US or the China power adapters for Singapore. I want a UK version of the adapter. So I buy from site and have Borderlinx UK send it over to me. Yes it costs more, but that Dash Charging is AWESOME. i love it. 5 minutes and i can get 25% bump just like that.

Something that may interest you: OnePlus 3T Daily Driver review


OnePlus 3T As A Daily Driver Review

So I was questioning myself whether i should get Google’s Pixel or the OnePlus 3T. After reading through all the specifications and all the internal back and forth in my mind, i decided to just save money and go with the OnePlus 3T with 128GB memory. And boy was i not disappointed.

Here’s the specifications:
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (Quad Core, Kryo: 2x 2.35GHz, 2×1.6Ghz)
GPU: Adreno 530
Storage: 64GB / 128GB UFS 2.0
Battery: 3,400 mAh (non-removable) Dash Charge (5V, 4A)
Ports: USB 2.0 Type-C, Dual nano-SIM slot 3.5mm audio jack
Resolution: 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), Corning Gorilla Glass 4
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Positioning

Rear Camera: Sony IMX 298 Sensor 16 MP with OIS

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Mobile phone batteries – how to charge them (Li-Ion)

Come one, you definitely have heard of this – let the battery run all the way down, and then you charge it back up to 100 percent. You probably still do something of the sort. Bad news people, That’s wrong. Just  because someone does that, doesn’t mean it’s right. Let’s get to the beginning when we put a phone on the charger.

The first stage of charging.
When we first plug it in, we start what’s actually the first stage of charging. Constant current charging is, as the name suggests, a constant flow of power, back into your phone until it’s at about 70 percent.

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Helsinki – Before and After the Cold

Helsinki, just a 2 hours ferry ride from Tallinn but the two do not look alike. Definitely wished had more time there and possibly go up to Lapland. Not this year.

Pictures captured using my HTC M9

Estonia – Modern and Medieval Adventures

Estonia, an absolutely beautiful country. Old Town in Tallinn is gorgeous with it’s medieval buildings and towers.

Pictures captured using my HTC M9

London – Beautiful City

Just random images from my 1 week stay in London.  Definitely a great vibe to the place.

Pictures captured using my HTC M9


Resentment is being petty. Let’s change that.

It’s been a strange journey from playing the victim to where I am now. I’ve always thought of myself as being open but how wrong I was. My experiences from the past years affected me more than I cared to believe. Yes I did grow in some ways but I didn’t realise I closed up other parts of my life for instance my spirituality.

That’s a word I know off but never really looked at. Have most of us?

It’s a word used quite commonly in AA circles (just to clarify – I’m not a member – I’m not a fan of organized religion and anything that resembled a cult or has some Big Book that you keep referring to. That smells like a cult to me. But  it proves a point that you can learn things from places you least expect and I’m bloody grateful for that). It started with promising to be more open. Lo and behold, it got me looking closer at myself and what I’m resentful of and where did that it come from. And believe me, being aware is a beautiful thing (we’ll get into Action after being aware later). It’s like turning that frown upside down. Heads up, I was resentful at the universe for the shit luck I had and the bad experiences I had. I always thought that I always tried to be good to people so why did bad things always happen to me?

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Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements

I’ve recently read “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” by Don Miguel Ruiz. It uncovers some basic truths based on ancient Toltec Wisdom which I definitely feel is relevant today. It seems so basic yet, most of us will find it hard to do it on a daily basis. But when you can, it will definitely be life changing and in my opinion, makes life much simpler.

Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity.
Seems simple enough. But do we always say what you mean? Whatever we say does affect other people. My mom used to say that whatever you say is actually a prayer – so  if you speak bad things about others, you are praying for bad things for others. The Word is such a powerful thing.
Often enough, when we say something enough times, it becomes our reality – it becomes someones’ truth. Imagine someone being told that they are ugly in the midst of an argument, it hurts and sometimes it’s embedded deep in their psyche. Even when its absolute untruth and their rational mind says otherwise but it’s already in their subconscious.
Even advanced athletes use words and imagery to make themselves better. We should avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use it to empower ourselves and others.

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Stop Being So Fat with Stan Efferding – SuperTraining TV

It’s always keeping it simple. The world’s strongest bodybuilder giving his thoughts.

Key takeaway:

What’s the best exercise?
The ones you like to do

What’s the best diet?
The one that you will follow.

Solution remains the same: eat less, move less. and finding a way of life that’s sustainable for you.

Definitely a must-watch Rhino’s Rant