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Stop Being So Fat with Stan Efferding – SuperTraining TV

Rhino's Rant

It’s always keeping it simple. The world’s strongest bodybuilder giving his thoughts. Key takeaway: What’s the best exercise? The ones you like to do What’s the best diet? The one that you will follow. Solution remains the same: eat less, move less. and finding a way of life that’s sustainable for you. Definitely a must-watch Rhino’s Rant

The problem with the calorie


So it was supposed to be this simple. Calories eaten less calories burned is the simple formula for weight loss or gain. But for most of us who have experimented with multiple diets, we know that it is absolutely not true. Ask any bodybuilder, even from the 50s, and they will say it’s not true. Finally science is trying to catch up. Recording the calories your consume through Fitbit and quantifying calories based on the information on food packaging is

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The Line Between Zen and Zeng

Sulaiman Ismail Strongman Singapore Zen with Atlas Stones

What’s “zeng”? A term we coined at SG Titans where you are fully revved up. Easiest way to tap into it is to get into rage. I see it a lot when training with the youth. I did it myself when I was a lot younger. Zen on the other hand is a sense of peace and calm. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum but strangely, i believe they are the same. Being “zen” is great but that

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Internet of Things 2016

Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things revolves around machine-to-machine communication. It is built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors. It’s mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connection. But It can be so much more. Sensors can be in cement in buildings to detect torque on buildings in areas which are earthquake prone and the residents or smart traffic and smart cars. #IoT The 7 Cs Of The Internet of Things Latest MS updates Google details its vision for the IoT

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About Sulaiman

About Sulaiman

Programmer trained, Technical Project Manager in a ad-agency by day, a competitive amateur strongman at other available times

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